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Love one another and you will be happy.  It's as simple and as difficult as that. - Michael Leunig

Warm, friendly, and relaxed.  You and your intended have enough to worry about - at Charmed Life Ceremonies, you can just be yourself!  From processional to recessional, my goal is to help you create the wedding you've always imagined.  We can include elements that are meaningful, funny, touching - you.  You've got a lot of choices to make, a budget to plan, and only so much time to do it all.  Together, we can make it happen!

Every bride and groom deserve a wedding that reflects them as individuals, as a couple, and as part of a family.  As your Officiant, my goal is to connect with you and help you create a ceremony that is as unique and special as you are.  I will get to know you as a couple and help you translate your unique story into a meaningful and beautiful ceremony.  Options include a sand ceremony, handfasting, readings, broom jumping, or whatever you can dream up!  We can honor your heritage, your family, even your favorite sports team!  If you prefer to simply read over possible ceremonies and choose one, I have plenty, from traditional to eclectic.  Whatever your choice, you'll never have to have anything in your wedding you don't want or love.  This day is all about you.

The Wedding Ceremony 

Charmed Life Ceremonies serves South Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Let's meet, talk, and see if I can help you with the wedding of your dreams.

Same-sex couples are most welcome!

I am an officiant, rosarian, and writer living and working in South Jersey.  I'm a believer - in love, in family, and in doing the right thing.  I'm a bit of a hobbyist; I enjoy growing roses, photography, and history.  Above all, I love spending time with my husband and children!

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